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Create Your Own Box: No Jewelry



We get it - sometimes sending a card just isn’t enough. Rainy Day Boxes provides a meaningful and heartfelt way to help support your loved one as she works through a difficult time. Our custom boxes let you select exactly which items you'd like to include in our signature blue boxes.  You also select the theme of the quote and message cards that are paired with each item. 

Upon opening one of the four gifts, she will feel your presence and read the gift’s message that acknowledges her struggle, but also conveys strong and inspiring words of hope and love. Each message of encouragement is your way of saying, “you got this”. Our modern and classy packaging is carefully selected to reflect the importance of this luxury gift box.

Please select four (4) of the following items:

1. Moss + Brooke Candle: Provided to encourage letting the light in. Fragrant notes of sea salt, ozone, driftwood, water lily and kelp in a 4-ounce gold-colored tin.

2. Lizush Shower Steamers: Provided to encourage self-care and make the everyday shower special. Four essential oil infused steamable shower cubes in lavender, lemongrass, mint, and eucalyptus.

3. Rose Quartz Heart: Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Provided to promote love, compassion, and peace, as well as assist in the emotional healing of the heart.

4. Hand-stamped "Power" Key: This gold key can be worn or hung as a reminder of what she has inside.

5. Sleeping Beauty Pillow Spray: An all-natural essential oil pillow spray to help bring peaceful sleep.

6. Feather Scarf Key Chain: A daily reminder that “hope is the thing with feathers.” A premium fabric key chain to accessorize a purse zipper pull or hold house keys.

7. Soap & Paper Factory Soap: Wash away the day’s struggles with a 5.0 oz shea butter soap with fragrances of vanilla, orchid, and sandalwood.  

Box measures 8.75” x 8.75” x 4”

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