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CAREGIVER: The Classic Box


The Classic Box

Show up in the best way: the moment she needs you.

The Classic Box contains four individually packaged gifts that will encourage her to take time for herself and remind her of the strength you see in her.  

Upon opening our signature dove gray lidded gift box, she’ll find a yellow card that explains the Rainy Day Box concept: these gifts are meant to be saved and opened on four of her toughest days. You can add a short personal message (handwritten by us) to this card at checkout.   

Within each blue box is one of the items below and a coordinating message related to her struggle - inspiring your loved one to continue making the sacrifice to care for others (see images for an example).  The Classic Box includes:

  • Shower Steamers: Provided to encourage self-care and make the everyday shower special. Four essential oil infused steamable shower cubes in lavender, lemongrass, mint, and eucalyptus.  Handmade from all-natural ingredients by Lizush in Pleasanton, CA.
  • Power Key: This gold key can be worn or hung as a reminder of what she has inside. Hand-stamped with the word "power" by Soulshine Handmade of Auberry, CA
  • Hourglass: This hourglass acts as a visual reminder that she should take five minutes for herself. Custom-made with champagne-colored sand.
  • Rose Quartz Heart: A permanent reminder that you have her in your heart. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and helps promote love, compassion, peace, and emotional healing. From Lotus in Draper, UT.         

Box measures 8.75” x 8.75” x 4”