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Our Concept

Your friend is going through something horrible and you don’t know what to do.

Do something powerful.

This is what life is about: showing up for people. By giving a Rainy Day Box, you have done just that, and in the most powerful of ways. A Rainy Day Box lets you show up at the exact moment you’re needed—over and over again. Each box is carefully curated to contain thoughtful and beautiful gifts that are individually packaged and meant to be opened over time. Inside each one is a message that acknowledges that day’s struggle but conveys strong and inspiring words of hope and love.

Meals, flowers, and cards can be amazingly helpful. But what if that gesture isn’t there on a day that seis unbearable? What happens when those gestures die down but there are still days where the loss feels just staggering—weeks, months, and even years later? Rainy Day Boxes provides your friend in need with a gift ready to open on her toughest of days; reading an accompanying message of love, support, and encouragient inside; and feeling empowered to move forward.

A Rainy Day Box lets you show up on your friend’s timeline. On the days that feel impossible, she can turn to her Rainy Day Box, select an item to open, and feel seen and cared for in the most powerful of ways. Rainy Day Boxes is changing the way we support those who have suffered a loss and letting the light in, over and over again.