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The Ohana Bracelet


Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning family, but in a wider sense: blood-related, adoptive, or intentional.

Our signature item, which is included in most of our boxes, a 14K gold-filled hand-stamped bracelet.  The word Ohana means family, in a wider sense; one that is not defined by last name or by blood; but by commitment and by love.  This bracelet marks your friend as a member of the Rainy Day familyand a part of your family, too.

You've done something powerful in giving a Rainy Day Box.  Wear your own Ohana bracelet as a marker of the love and support you extend to others, or give them to other people who are supporting your friend as she moves toward the light.  Each 14K gold-filled bracelet is hand-stamped by Philadelphia's CamillaLimon and sent in a gold metallic mailer (packaged in a jewelry bag, blue box not included).