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Tender Gifts to Give When Mother's Day Hurts

Tender Gifts to Give When Mother's Day Hurts


Mother's Day can be a painful 24 hours to get through after a pregnancy loss. If you have a friend or partner who has suffered a miscarriage or experienced loss along their IVF journey, there's something you can do: show up. These 6 gifts are ways to acknowledge their grief and struggle and give support on this day.

1. On her own journey of loss, grief, IVF, and everything in between, Abbe Feder searched for words of encouragement and support—but felt like everything missed the mark. She set out to change that for others with this one-of-a-kind affirmation card deck. It’s a way to support your loved one day in and day out, at any point on their bumpy road to parenthood.

2. Mother’s Day might be tough—as will some of the days that follow. Rainy Day Boxes’ Infertility/Pregnancy Loss Collection provides a way to show up over and over again. Each box contains individually packaged gifts that are meant to be saved and opened on four of her toughest days. Each will encourage her to take time for herself and remind her of the strength you see in her. 

3. This New York Times article offers a beautiful explainer on Jizo statues, which are traditionally used in Japan to “honor the souls of babies who are never born.” Jizo is a Buddhist bodhisattva known for protecting children, especially those that are miscarried or stillborn. The small statues (we like this 5-inch-tall one) offer a way to grieve the lost child.

4. A simple little seed with a big meaning. Forget-me-not flowers express, quite simply, that you won’t forget: that you will always remember them and will keep them in your thoughts. DeeplySeededCo’s delicate Forget Me Not Necklace contains a seed of the flower—a reminder that you’ll remember her as she remembers the child she lost.

5. Peak and Valley Beads’ Hope for a Rainbow Bracelet is made by Rachel, an IVF mama who describe the bracelet as “the perfect gift idea for a special woman in your life who is hoping for her rainbow after the storm.” An enclosed note puts it perfectly: “"Hope for a Rainbow -- Hold onto hope; after every storm there comes a rainbow. Keep this close as a reminder of all the beauty that's on its way to you."

6. Memorialight describes itself as a “subtle sympathy gift,” one that can be hung in any window without its meaning being apparent to others. It’s a grief crystal that transforms an otherwise ordinary space: When direct sunlight hits, rainbows are scattered around the room, reminding your loved one of your support and of the beauty that can come after the storm.

Here are more ways to help a friend who has had a miscarriage.